Disneyland Paris – February 2019 – Days 1&2

So before I continue with my “Christmas in Orlando” posts, I wanted to tell you guys about my recent trip to Disneyland Paris whilst it’s still super fresh in my head!

Outside the Disneyland Hotel

So lemme go over all the basic details first, then we can get into the juicy descriptive stuff lol…

We went for 4 nights/5days, stayed in Sequoia Lodge, had a full board plus dining plan, a pre-booked character breakfast and travelled by Eurostar from London St. Pancras.


We were lucky enough to travel on a direct train from London St. Pancras straight to Disneyland Paris. We paid extra for the Disney Express which I would definitely recommend.. this means that we were given our park tickets, hotel room key, etc whilst on the train, and we just had to drop our suitcases off at the Express Check In desk once we got to the station and they get taken to our hotel ready for us when we wanna check in. So we arrived just after 2pm and we were probably in Disney Village making our way to the Disneyland Park by 2.15pm – AMAZING.

Also something else we were super happy about was the fact that everything finally comes on one card πŸ˜‚ helloooo 2019… Paris are finally catching up. So our room key, park tickets, magic hour vouchers, character breakfast voucher, dining plan vouchers and breakfast vouchers were all on one plastic card! Last year we had separate pieces of paper for everything and it was just a nightmare!

Managed to grab myself the Potion Purple Ears 😍

Day 1 – Disneyland Park and Captain Jacks

We honestly couldn’t believe the weather once we got off the train. We went at the same time last year and had thick snow, this year was sun and blue skies, it was beautiful! Once we’d taken some pictures in front of the Disneyland Hotel (you can see one above!) we entered the Disneyland Park. We had dinner booked at Captain Jacks for 5pm, so we just spent a couple of hours enjoying the view of the castle, we caught a glimpse of the Pirates & Princesses festival parade and checked out the shops on Main Street. I’d also purchased my first ever Disneyland Paris Annual Pass.. so we had to sort out a few things for that & then take advantage of the discount!

Dinner at Captain Jacks was pretty good. The restaurant is beautiful, the lighting and theming, and the way you can see the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it’s all awesome.. but the food, I felt was just ok. As I said we had a full board plus dining plan, so we had a specific menu to pick our food from, which was okay, but I wasn’t overly amazed by the food – but honestly that’s probably just me being fussy! I wouldn’t choose to eat there again, but I’m definitely glad we experienced it.

One of the reasons we booked dinner for 5pm was to make sure we could see Illuminations on our first night. So after dinner we made our way to the Castle and got a spot to watch the fireworks/projection show.

I love this show. It was the same as what we saw last year, but I think there were more fireworks, probably because there wasn’t any snow, and there were a couple of different lighting effects to what we remembered. But the projections themselves were the same. It’s so beautiful. Once that had finished we hung around for a bit to avid the big rush of people leaving, and got some cute pics outside the castle and on Main Street whilst it was quiet.

FYI you don’t have to leave straight away! The park officially closes once the show is over but you don’t need to rush out with everyone else. Take your time, let the main crowd leave, it’s a great opportunity for nighttime photos down the beautifully lit Main Street!

Once we’d made our way to our hotel, Sequoia Lodge, we took our bags to our room and decided to head back down to the bar for a couple of drinks. Sequoia Lodge is beautiful, especially at this time of year with the log fires in the bar. We ,amazed to grab a sofa by the fire, and enjoyed our first evening with some wine, cocktails and vodka slushies ha!

Day 2 – Walt Disney Studios Park

Early start to make the most of our Magic Hour this morning, aka straight in the queue for Crushes Coaster! This is one of the best rides at DLP, the queue is always long and it doesn’t have a fastpass option, so if you wanna ride it without a massive wait time, make sure you head to Walt Disney Studios for 8.15am, so as soon as it opens at 8.30am you can jump in the queue.

We actually had a massively productive first hour in the park. We got Crushes Coaster, Ratatouille and Tower of Terror all done by 9.45am! That was 3 of the main rides done by the time the park officially opened. Go us!

Now if you wanna meet characters at this park, such as Mickey, Buzz, Woody or Spider-Man, you have to book your slot on an app called Lineberty. This is the only way you can meet them. The slots are released 15 minutes before the meet and greet starts and it basically puts you in a virtual queue. You need to be on the app 15 minutes before if you want to get a spot. We went on 14 minutes before for one of them and it already came up as full! I’m unsure how I feel about this, I mean it’s a good idea and it means you can potentially do other things whilst queuing…however, the time we were given for Mickey was changing so fast that we were worried about getting in a queue for anything else in case we ended up missing our slot to meet him! I feel like it’s just easier to queue when the characters are out like you would at the Disneyland Park.

We did also find in this park that the breakfast available to you if you’re on a dining plan was not as good as in the main park, and there aren’t as many options for a quick service lunch either. So after doing some more rides, and watching the Star Wars shows on throughout the day, we went to grab lunch in the other park.

We came back over to the Studios park to get as much done as we could, plus we wanted to stay until park closing to watch the Star Wars projection show that night. We decided to do some rides and shows that we hadn’t done before, such a Armageddon… it’s safe to say we’ll never do that again πŸ˜‚ maybe it would be more enjoyable if we could speak French?! The stunt show was pretty cool, but again probably something we wouldn’t do again.

On a positive, the Star Wars snacks that are available are delicious. Especially the Wookie Cookie, loved that!!

Projection show was again the same as what we had seen last year, but I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan so enjoyed seeing it again, and all the characters coming out of the stage during it is a really cool touch.

We had dinner booked for the Steak House in the Disney Village. I’m not gonna lie, it started off as a bit of a disaster… but the food definitely made up for it. We were seated but then not spoken to for 20 minutes… they brought out the wrong starters for all of us, then the wrong starter for the vegetarian in the group.. but our mains came out perfectly and were delicious. And our waiter couldn’t of apologised more for the issues we had at the beginning of our meal. We would definitely go back.

The night ended with some more cocktails and vodka slushies in our hotel bar by the beautiful log fire.

Join me tomorrow for details on the rest of our trip, including Spirit Jerseys, Character Breakfast, Character Lunch, Parades and more!!

Rachel xo

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