Disneyland Paris – February 2019 – Day 3

If you haven’t checked out my first post about this trip, go ahead and do that so you can catch up on days 1&2 first!

Day 3 – Disneyland Park & Character Breakfast

Friday started with a super early start to Disneyland Park…

*Pro Tip* – If Magic Hour starts at 8.30am, you can enter Disneyland Park at 8am to walk down Main Street and to the Castle. This is a fantastic time to get daytime pictures outside the castle with hardly any people in the background, or none at all if you’re lucky like us!

Outside the Castle at about 8.05am

We had the first sitting booked at Plaza Gardens for character breakfast. There are two sittings each day, 8.15am or 9.45am. Last year we did the later sitting because we didn’t wanna miss our magic hour, however this year we did the earlier and found that it was definitely quieter which meant more interaction with the characters. So if you can spare one morning of magic hours to do the early sitting at Plaza Gardens, I definitely would recommend that.

Also if you’re in two mind about doing a character breakfast, do it!! I think it’s a great way to meet 4/5 characters, and also the breakfast is delicious. They have lots of different hot foods, bacon, eggs, sausages, potatoes… then also waffles, pancakes, croissants and fruits. It’s a buffet so you can go ahead and grab whatever you want, as many times as you want! And if you have a dining plan then you’ll normally get this at a discounted rate (free if you have the full board premium)!

This year we got to meet Eeyore, Mickey, Tigger, Daisy and Scrooge! I was massively excited to meet Scrooge as I’d never met him before! He was hilarious, definitely one of my fave meets of this trip. He won my heart when he started to “make it rain” πŸ˜‚

Character breakfast fun at Plaza Gardens with Scrooge & Tigger

We spent the rest of the day trying to ride as many rides as possible in this beautiful park. We started in Fantasyland and did everything we wanted to do, including character meets such as one of my faves, Winnie the Pooh!

This was one of the cutest meets ever! We had pics together as a group & then I asked for some on my own because I’m a massive kid & absolutely adored Winnie the Pooh throughout my childhood! He took my hand & pulled me over to the honey pots behind us, trying to reach them with me – adorable. The moments my friends captured on my camera were beautiful.

If a character meet doesn’t have a PhotoPass photographer, you can give the cast member your own camera or phone and they will happily take photos, the same way they will also take photos for you even if there is a PhotoPass photographer there!

We spent SO much time in Fantasyland, riding rides such as Peter Pan’s Flight (one of our faves), Dumbo, getting lost in the Alice maze, doing character meets and just enjoying and taking in all the beautiful scenery. We are also typical girls who like to shop, especially in Disney ha! So we spend a fair amount of time in the shops too, making sure we’ve seen every souvenir possible so we don’t miss anything we might want! Take full advantage of the fact you can send things back to your Disney hotel from most shops in the parks! It’s sooooo handy!

Once we’d finished in Fantasyland, we went over to Discovery Land. One of our group, Emma, isn’t a fan of the more thrilling rides.. but this year she wanted to try them, hoping to get on the Indiana Jones ride and also Hyperspace Mountain. So this was her moment. We grabbed a fastpass for the Buzz Lightyear laser ride and got in the queue for Hyperspace Mountain. She did it! And she loved it! Her first ever time upside down on a ride! And we got the PhotoPass pic to prove it πŸ˜‚

It was hilarious. We told Emma that this ride only went upside down once, and it was definitely easier than Rock n Roller… oh how wrong we were! Apparently we all have a terrible memory of the ride from last year. Whilst we were on the ride & it went upside down for the 2nd time, Hannah and I looked at each other was like ohhh crap! “Emmaaaaa are you okay??” πŸ˜‚ Luckily she was fine. Then it went upside for the third time and all I could do was apologise for being the worst best friends ever, whilst still going around this fast dark rollercoaster lol! She of course forgave us & was so proud of herself, it was awesome. And now she wasn’t being let off of any other rides, apart from Tower of Terror ha!

Now I’m not great with the 4D rides.. I struggle in Orlando at Universal if I’m doing too many of them in a row, but I love rides. And I find the ones where they are actually moving as well a little easier… Star Tours, however, gets me bad every time. I think I’ve finally had to decide that I can’t go on that ride anymore, I felt SO sick and it took a while to go away. Sucks but if you’re not great with motion sickness, be careful of that ride!

The Buzz Lightyear laser ride is always so much fun. Gets a little competitive of course.. and this time I can proudly award myself champion! My score wasn’t even that good compared to others I’ve seen, but that’s not important right now….

Disney Stars on Parade We LOVE a parade, so today wanted to get a good spot for it. We went over to Main Street and got a spot on the curb to sit and chill before it started… catching a bit of the Pirates and Princesses Festival Parade too. We’d managed to see bits of it so many times, but hadn’t watched the whole thing from the position we wanted, so decide we were gonna go that the next day for sure! FYI the song used for that is super addictive.. we’ve been home for nearly a week & I’m still catching myself singing it in the shower πŸ˜‚.. and of course I send the girls a nice Snapchat vid each day just to make sure they haven’t forgotten it either!

Anyway, back to the parade, this was on once a day at 5pm, so it gets pretty busy.. but it was awesome! There were some different floats to last year, and it just seemed so much more colourful that I remember – maybe that’s because the sun was shining this year! I loved the Lion King part, the dancers were in such colourful costumes, and Timone was hilarious with his dancing. There were so many characters to see, and the part with all the Princesses was also beautiful.

So my friend Natalie, she was unbelievably lucky during the parade. Kristoff (from Frozen obviously) stuck his tongue out at her, she replied with a cheeky “heyyyy” (as in ‘whatcha do that for’) and sad face.. he came over and gave her a massive hug!! The rest of us just stood there, shocked & obviously jealous! It’s safe to see she went quite red ha! and yes she went on about it for the rest of the trip lol…

Our plan once the parade was over, was to quickly grab some food from a quick service restaurant and get our fave spot for the fireworks. So that’s exactly what we did, grabbed food to take away and stood in a great spot with perfect view of the castle, and by railings so nobody would be directly in front of us. The fireworks started at 7pm, and are just truly magical. We’d already watched them on our first night, but this time we were in a position to be able to take photos and see it all so clearly. It’s beautiful. If you have the time, it’s definitely worth standing around to get a good spot for!

We slowly left the park and head to Annette’s Diner (in Disney Village) for dinner… we were particularly hungry because we ate a bit before the fireworks, but our dining plan allowed us breakfast lunch and dinner so we thought we’d head there and may as well have a little snack at least. Annette’s Diner is one of the only table service restaurants at DLP where you cannot book in advanced. It gets pretty busy, but we didn’t have to wait long at all for a table. If you like burgers, and want a fairly quick table service meal, this is a great spot. I also love the American Diner theming.

There are also some great shops in Disney Village, Disney Fashion is one of my favourites. There are some beautiful clothes in there. I fell in love with this Goofy jumper and had to buy it.. there was SO much that I wanted but some of it is quite expensive so I had to be a little sensible lol…

We decided to head straight to bed tonight.. pretty tired & were planning on getting up early for more exciting adventures again tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking spirit jerseys, Inventions and the Pirates and Princesses Festival.

If you’d like to see more pics from our trip, head over to my Instagram page @absoluterachel – gimmie a follow & enjoy!

Rachel xo

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