Disneyland Paris – February 2019 – Days 4&5

Let’s talk about the last two days of my trip, which would have been Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th Feb…

We had seen on Facebook once we arrived Wednesday that Disney Fashion in the Village were going to be releasing a new line of Disneyland Paris Spirit Jerseys whilst we were there! How lucky were we.. we were convinced it was definitely fate ha! So we’d planned to head there first thing for when it opened at 9am on Saturday morning. I’d heard that the last time they came out in Paris, they were practically gone the same day, so we really didn’t wanna miss out. We decided we were going to give up our magic hour that morning, head into the Disneyland Park at 8am to get some more pics of the Castle whilst it’s quiet, and then head to Disney Fashion for 8.30am ready for it to open at 9am.

We walked passed Disney Fashion at about 7.50am and saw them all in the window.. and then we thought maybe we should just hang around now until they open, just in case.. we really didn’t wanna chance not getting any. So that’s what we did.. it was cold.. and long.. and obviously to our luck, there was only a handful of people queuing with us until they opened at 9am 🙈 and it turned out that they had soooo many more than were on show. But we were first through the door, and so happy that we managed to get them!

We were in the park just after 9.15am and our plan was to get the last things done that we hadn’t done in the main park, have a bit of a chilled out day, not really rushing to do anything, and just enjoy our last full day there. We went over to grab our breakfast from Discovery Land, which was wayyyy better than in the Studios Park.

We did a lot of shopping and some rides that we hadn’t done yet today, I won’t bore you with ALL the details… but we did get to meet some more characters also.

We managed to meet Mickey in his Phantom Manor costume which was really cool, and is kinda hidden away by Phantom Manor. A little strange to me considering this ride isn’t open at the moment, but still a really cool outfit to meet him in.

Today I was wearing my new Goofy jumper that I brought from Disney Fashion, so really wanted to meet Goofy again with this on because.. I’m a child.. and he’s my favourite 🙈

We had lunch booked for Inventions today, which is a character dining buffet inside the Disneyland Hotel. We were super excited because we’d heard great things about the food and characters involved. But honestly, we wasn’t that impressed with this, especially considering how expensive it is. The food is good… but there isn’t a lot of choice and there is only one buffet for SO many people. Also the tables are located in a few different rooms, which means the characters are all over the place. We were told that for lunch we were gonna have Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy. Obviously most which we had already met, but we were pumped to meet Minnie as she’s never really around as much! By the time we had finished our food and been in there for about 90 mins, we still hadn’t had Donald or Minnie in our room. Just as we were about to ask someone, Minnie came in! But we had to ask to meet Donald as we were leaving because he hadn’t come into our room yet, and they allowed us to meet him just outside the entrance to the restaurant. We felt as though we didn’t get as much time with the characters as we did at breakfast, and just didn’t really enjoy the layout of the restaurant. The characters were also pushing us to have one group photo and ask someone else (who was eating) to take our photo for us, which was rather uncomfortable and awkward. We decided we probably wouldn’t do this character dining again, although we have considered doing maybe the Sunday Brunch to get a cool theming hopefully with different characters to the usual ones?!

After lunch, we head back into the park to go and watch the Princess and Pirate festival one last time, from a better spot. I loved this festival honestly, it was so much fun and just so colourful, with one of the most catchy songs ever lol… it really would stick in your head for days!

We decided to ride some rides during the parade and fireworks, mainly Indiana Jones which was hadn’t rode yet. Wait times were much busier Saturday than the previous days, but luckily we didn’t have too much left to do. Emma was super brave and enjoyed Indiana Jones with us also, which was exciting… hoping we’ve got her hooked on rollercoasters before we all visit Orlando in 2021!

For dinner today we had Billy Bobs booked, which is a buffet restaurant in the Village. Yes I know, we had a buffet lunch also.. which was a bit of a last minute booking, and because we had our full board dining plan we thought we may as well keep the dinner reservation even though we weren’t particularly hungry lol. We really enjoyed Billy Bobs, actually our favourite buffet restaurant out of the ones we’ve tried so far. Not a massive choice for vegetarians but the food was great. Ribs, pasta, salad, nachos, chicken fajitas.. I loved it and I wish I would of been hungrier!

Day 5 – Last Day Blues

When you stay in a Disney Hotel you can drop your luggage off nice and early at your hotel reception, which then gets transported right to the station for you to pick up before you board your train, which is so handy when you’ve got most of the day in the park.

Today we wanted to head over to the Studios Park, mainly to do the Chewbacca meet and greet. But first we were heading into the Disneyland Park for some spirit jersey and castle/Main Street photos. We literally had a mini photo shoot for 30 mins.it was hilarious, and freezing and crazy, but these are the memories you make with your besties that are just perfect and last forever. Here’s a couple of the pics we got…

We queued a lonnggggg time to meet Chewbacca, but it was awesome. He was amazing and you get a good amount of time with him! So I would definitely suggest this character meet!

We rode Rock n Roller again because Emma was gonna do it this time, and just chilled really for the rest of the day. Buying some more Wookie Cookies, and taking in our last sights of both parks. Saying bye to the castle always sucks. And we checked out the shops one last time in case we had missed any last minute bits we wanna buy… mainly in World of Disney right before we left.

Grabbing your bags from the station and jumping in the queue before you board your train and go through passport control is all super easy… but just a heads up, there are no shops after passport control. So if you want any snacks for on the train you’re better off grabbing them before hand.

All in all we had the best trip, we’re already planning our next one for 2020. And we are so glad we tried some different things this time, things we would do again and things we maybe wouldn’t.. but all so much fun! A quick tip if you haven’t been to Disneyland Paris before but you have been to any of the American parks… try not to compare them, they are very different and America is just naturally of a higher standard than Paris unfortunately. But you can still enjoy it, especially if you go with an open mind!

Please let me know your comments or opinions on any of the things I have mentioned, or anything else DLP related!

Speak soon… Rachel xo

One thought on “Disneyland Paris – February 2019 – Days 4&5

  1. Katelyn Teal says:

    I’m in England for work and was trying to coordinate going for the weekend. I don’t think it will work out, but your castle pictures just inspired me. Will definitely have to get to Disneyland Paris at some point!


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