My DLP Must Eats

So if you haven’t realised already from my previous posts, I love food. Especially Disney food! So I thought I’d share with you my must eats for whenever I’m visiting Disneyland Paris.

Let’s start with the best part… SNACKS!

Disneyland Park… My favourite snack to get in the Disneyland Park is the Nutella filled Mickey Cookie. It is AMAZING. Firstly, its huge! But it’s also a soft chocolate chip cookie, with chocolate covered ears and its filled with Nutella. What more can you actually ask for? Delicious. Definitely my go to snack if we’re in that park. You can find these in the Bakery on Main Street.


Obligatory Cookie and Castle pic

There are also some smaller Mickey cookies in the bakery on Main Street which are like a cookie sandwich, filled with chocolate. These are also delicious, but I always find it a little harder to get them. I think they must sell out pretty quick!

Walt Disney Studios Park… They normally have some awesome themed cookies in this park. For example, on our last visit we had all Star Wars themed snacks available. There were 4 different cookies and I managed to try 3 of them. One was pistachio flavoured so I skipped that one as I’m personally not a fan, but it upset me because it was Yoda shaped and I wanted to like it soooo bad lol. There were another two which were just like shortbread with chocolate, which were good, but my favourite had to be the… Wookie Cookie.

This was delicious. No joke. I could have eaten like 10 a day. I even wrapped one up on my last day to bring home for the hubby.. but it didn’t get any further than the Eurostar. Oooops my bad! I’m a terrible wife I know ha! But just knowing it was in my bag made me want to eat it SO much.. and in my head I had a feeling Craig wouldn’t like it anyway. I think I saved him a tiny bit to try 🙂 Anyway, this was a good size, it was a shortbread cookie sandwich filled with chocolate/Nutella. AMAZING.


He was so delicious!

Alright lets move on to actual food!

Disneyland Park… Lets be honest, the food at Disneyland Paris is not great in comparison to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, its definitely not famous for its food or snacks, but there are some good quick service meals available.

I love the Mickey/star shaped pizza that you can get from Bella Notre or The Outpost. Its yummy pizza, there are a couple of different options – I always go for a classic margarita, and its Mickey shaped! What more can you ask for! (I think you can only get the Mickey shaped pizza at Bella Notre). Also, if you get the quick service mains as a meal, then you get a drink, side and dessert included 🙂

I also really enjoyed the chicken nuggets and corn chips from Hakuna Matata. Don’t be put off by the “corn chips”, they really don’t taste like they have any sweet corn in them, even though they might look like it! But honestly, I’m a fussy easter, and it just tasted like good chicken nuggets and chips to me!

Oh and we LOVE the character breakfast at Plaza Gardens in the Disneyland Park. I’m not a massive breakfast eater but I think it’s delicious with lots of different choice. I could just have plates of the potatoes followed by chocolate croissants and mickey waffles. Heaven.

Walt Disney Studios Park… I don’t have much to say about food in this park. I’m honestly not a big fan. Theres hardly any choice, and if you’ve found something in the other park that you enjoy, then I’d definitely just pop back over to Disneyland Park for food 🙂

There are obviously some pretty good table service restaurants within the parks and Disney Village. But none of them, for me, have any of my must eats. So I think I’ll do another post talking about the different restaurants at DLP that I’ve eaten at & what I’d recommend!

Let me know if you have any other snacks or must eat food at DLP that you can’t go without!

Speak soon…. Rachel    xo

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