Disney Mad…

So it’s official, I think I’ve gone completely Disney mad. I’ve always loved Disney, ever since I can remember. I was lucky enough to visit Disneyland Paris the year it opened in 1992, and then again in 1993. I was only 2 and 3 years old but I love looking back at photos and videos of our trips, makes me feel like I can definitely remember certain things.

After that I didnt get to visit Disney for a really long time. I guess there was a period in my childhood where I wasn’t so bothered about visiting. I always had Disney clothing, accessories and watched all the movies.. just never got to visit again as a child. Then at the ridiculous age of 25 my husband (was fiance at the time) and I decided we both wanted to visit Orlando really bad. So we booked to go Christmas 2015. It was amazing, we honestly loved every second and were instantly hooked.

We knew we wanted to go back as soon as possible, so we booked again for Christmas 2017. In the mean time, I’d also booked to go to Disneyland Paris in February 2018 with my 3 besties – girls trip! Since 2015 I literally haven’t been able to get enough of Disney visits. I went again this February with my girls, we decided that has definitely become an annual trip. However in 2021 we’ve decided its’s gonna be Disney World, and we’ll nicely invite our partners along to that one too ha!

The hubby and I had also felt like not going to Disney World this year sucked and was breaking our every other year trend, but we would definitely go back in 2020.

Craig had plans to compete (in kickboxing) abroad a couple times this year, and I’ve currently been taking a break from competing so I treated myself to a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass on my trip in Feb so I could head there a couple more times instead.

However, a few plans changed this year which freed up some time and money, and now I currently have FOUR DISNEY COUNTDOWNS!!

My next trip is with Craig, for his first ever time in Disneyland Paris! We are going on 30th June for the beginning of the Lion King Festival, which we are so excited about. Lion King has always been my favourite Disney movie, ever since it came out, so I knew as soon as I saw this festival advertised I had to go! 65 DAYS TO GO! We are travelling by Eurostar, but from Ebbsfleet which I haven’t done before, and staying at Santa Fe, which is also one of the hotels I haven’t stayed at, for 3 nights.

I am then going to DISNEYLAND RESORT ANAHEIM! For the first time ever! I’m going with my friend James, who is one of the people that came to Orlando with us in 2017. We are literally so excited, it couldnt come soon enough. We are heading to LA on 10th September for 10 nights. We are staying on Manhattan Beach for 6 nights to visit Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Orange County and Universal Studios. Craig and I did a road trip around California and Nevada for our honeymoon, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to do Disneyland (we didn’t wanna go for like 1 day), and James has never been (to Cali). We then move to another hotel which is a Disney Neighbour Hotel for our last 4 nights. We’ve got a 5 day park hopper ticket, mainly because we aren’t sure how busy it will be with Galaxy’s Edge opening and we wanted to see and do as much as possible! PLUS, we are there for the Halloween season and the new Oogie Boogie Bash. CAN NOT WAIT. 137 DAYS!

Then, one of my girls saw that Disneyland Paris were having a Halloween Party this year… and before I knew it, the 4 of us had booked to go back on 31st October! The Halloween party is from 8pm til 2am on the 31st, we are so excited to see what Villains we might meet. We’re there for 3 nights, again in Santa Fe travelling on the Eurostar from Ebbsfleet. 188 DAYS!

Last… but by all means not least… Craig and I spoke about it and we weren’t happy with us not really having a proper holiday together this year (3 nights in DLP doesn’t count). We decided we would sacrifice some other plans and do something together in December. I’m sure you can all guess what happened then… Yes, we absolutely did book a trip to Walt Disney World for 10 nights from 13th December!!!! We wanted to do this trip as cheap as possible, and we found a really good price on Virgin Holidays. We’re staying at Rosen Plaza on International Drive and have hired just a basic economy car. We’ve also decided to only get tickets for Disney this time. We may add tickets to some of the other parks depending on circumstances at the time, but we really just wanted to go for a bit more of a chilled trip to Disney. Eat in restaurants we don’t normally get to try, see more shows and basically just do things we don’t always get to do when we are trying to fit all the main things in. To say I’m excited is an understatement. 231 DAYS AND COUNTING!

Time to save super hard!!!

I just wanted to share my plans with you guys. I’m gonna post soon about plans we have, things we wanna do/eat, etc. And please, if you have a Disney visit booked, let me know what your countdown is in the comments below!

Speak soon… Rachel    xo

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