Top 6 Park Bag Essentials

If you’re anything like me, then having your park bag organised is super important! And you’ll have things that ALWAYS have to be inside no matter what park, how the weather is or how long you’re visiting for…

So here goes, these are my Park Bag Essentials, that I’ll always have on me no matter what!

In no particular order…

Essential Number 1

Gotta be my iPhone. Let’s be honest, who really goes anywhere without their phone nowadays anyway. But I’d be absolutely lost without my phone if I were at a Disney (or Universal or Seaworld) park. For sooooo many reasons.
Heres some things I use my phone for in the parks:
Camera – you can’t be missing all those amazing photo ops
Park Apps – the park apps are super helpful! You can check wait times, find toilets, edit fast pass reservations and dining plans
Social Media – If you’re anything like me, you gotta keep the ‘Gram (aka Instagram) up-to-date, stories & posts
Contact – you might lose some of your group. Have a holiday whats app group so you can contact each other easily throughout your trip

Essential Number 2

Portable Charger! If you’re using your phone for all of the above things, and you’re in the parks from rope drop to closing like me, then you’ll definitely need to charge your phone at some point throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than your phone dying whilst you’re at the park! Also, I find that when my phone is constantly trying to pull things from the internet, or trying to connect to the busy wifi throughout the day, my battery always dies quicker than it normally would.

Essential Number 3

Purse/Money… I’m a spender. So I’ve always got extra money on me, plus my ID (just incase). I like to buy those souvenirs as and when I see something I love, because there is nothing worse than finding something you really want and then going back for it and it’s nowhere to be seen!
I normally just carry a really small purse in my park bag, so it just has in it exactly what I might need. I’d never carry my normal purse I use at home on holiday, with all those cards etc that you’ll never need on your trip.

Essential Number 4

Water! If you’re going during a hot time, then I’d definitely advise always carrying a bottle of water in your bag. Most places will have areas where you can fill up your own bottles for free!
I like having water on me no matter the weather, its definitely important to stay hydrated on these busy trips.

Essential Number 5

Can’t go anywhere without my Carmex. Ever. I get dry/sore lips quite often so I’m always carrying around some kind of lip balm. 9/10 times this is Carmex, its my fave! But this will always be in my park bag no matter what!

Essential Number 6

Last, but by all means not least, my Camera! I have the Canon EOS M50 and I love it. It’s not too big, it fits in any bag I want to carry around the parks with me and it’s always needed.
I do like vlogging and having video memories of all my trips. Plus sometimes when I want a special kind of photo I might use this camera as they just come out amazing!

So these are 6 of the things I’ll always have in my park bag no matter what! Let me know in the comments below things you can live without at the parks.
I’ll definitely be doing a “Pack With Me” video for my next trip to Disneyland Paris, which is only in 17 days time!, and this will include some of the park bags I take & show you exactly what I’ll be packing in there!

Speak Soon! Rachel xo

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