Top 5 Character Meets at Disneyland Paris

Lets talk characters!

Who do you always have to meet on your trip to Disneyland Paris? Who could you meet multiple times on one trip? Who’s been an unexpected great meet for you?

Today I wanted to talk about my favourite character meets in Disneyland Paris. Now obviously these are my personal favourites, and some of these characters you may have absolutely no interest in meeting (or maybe you just wouldn’t experience the same meet as I did), but sometimes its the characters you least expect to have a great time with that are amazing!

So, here we go…!

Number 5


Eeyore is one of my favourite character meets because he’s just so damn cute! You can’t help but “aww” at him, and give him the biggest hugs. And he always does something cute like draw you a little heart or wanna hug you for longer. Too cute. I just love him.

Number 4


Now I have only met Scrooge McDuck once, and he was hilarious! Honestly, one of my favourite and funniest meets ever. Which was completely unexpected, and I think that’s what made it so enjoyable. We made a comment on his outfit, and he just started “making it rain” (as you can see from the pic above!), I couldn’t stop laughing! Amazing.

Number 3


Another cute one, and one of my childhood favourites. I’ll always enjoy meeting Pooh. No matter how old I get. I absolutely loved this “silly old bear” as a kid, and I’ve loved him ever since – I get embarrassingly emotional when I meet him! Sad right! But that’s the Disney magic for you. He’s always so adorable, and on our last meet he took me by the hand and showed me his honey pots. LOVE HIM. (Enjoy his meets so much that I feel like I need to share more than one pic – sorry not sorry ha!)

Number 2


One of the funniest meets I think anyone can have is Stitch. What is there not to love? He’s cute and funny! Stitch is always one of the cheekiest meets I think you can have, and he makes it so fun. We met him in the snow, it was freezing, and he had us doing the hula! We must have looked hilarious. If Stitch is out, he’s always a character I wanna see! (Thought I’d add the pic of us actually dancing for your enjoyment ha!)

Number 1

If you know me, have read my previous Disneyland Paris posts after a trip, or follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know who my absolute favourite character meet is…


Yes Goofy has always been my favourite ever. I don’t know why, probably because he’s just a goof ball! He’s funny and cute, and is such a gentleman when you meet him! I swear every time I meet him he knows I love him and treats me like an absolute princess! The Disney magic is real guys! He will literally be the first character I wanna meet on a trip, and he is the character I HAVE to meet on every trip. Plus, I’ll try and meet him more than once per trip… luckily I have the best friends ever and they never mind! If you haven’t met Goofy yet, make some time for him on your next trip! Here are some more of my Goofy meet photos…

Those are my favourite character meets at Disneyland Paris! Let me know yours in the comments.

Speak soon!
Rachel xo

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