Our Recent Trip to DLP – Day 3

Rope Drop!

So after what was not the best evening watching Illuminations (check out my post about Day 2 if you haven’t done so already!), we woke up feeling good and ready for another amazing day. We decided to have another early start because we wanted to rope drop Fantasyland in the Disneyland Park today. We left our hotel room in Santa Fe at 7.40am to get to the ticket booths for 8am when they open.
Now, as I’ve mentioned before, with the Disneyland Park, it actually opens at 8am and then you can rope drop the certain areas of the park at 8.30am to get on the rides that are open for Extra Magic Time.
Getting in there at 8am is the best time to get your Main Street USA and Castle photos! It’s always so quiet, its just beautiful.

We hadn’t done much in Fantasyland during our trip so we spent most of our Extra Magic Time in there. We ran straight to Peter Pan’s Flight at rope drop and was in within 5 minutes! This ride always has a long queue so it was definitely worth it! We also rode the beautiful carrousel and a couple of the other little rides. Fantasyland is my favourite place in the park mainly for how pretty and cute it is. It looks magical and for me is just “so Disney”.
Next we went to ride one of our faves, the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride, it was time for me to win – and yes I got a pretty good score lol. But, as you’d imagine, (especially if you know Craig lol), Craig’s gun wasn’t working properly *eyeroll* so we had to ride again straight away for him to just about beat me. I still felt like I was most successful this trip because my high score was way better than his 😉

Let’s talk snacks!

I always moan about the lack of good snacks in Disneyland Paris… but with this Lion King Festival they definitely upped their game, and I was SO happy! I may (definitely did) of tried them all!
There was a paw print cookie which was shortbread with a Nutella filling; a paw shaped coconut sponge with a chocolate top; a banana bread with a chocolate top and 2 macaroons – one with a a chocolate filling and one with a lemon filling.
I think the chocolate macaroon was my favourite! It really was delicious. But I honestly liked them all! The only one I didn’t try was the lemon macaroon. The coconut sponge was also amazing.

The Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands

We took the hit today and queued for the Lion King show that was put on for the festival.
There was a signature experience you could purchase which included a few things such as a character meal, special seating for the show and a voucher… however we didn’t choose to do this as we didn’t really want to pay the extra (as this was supposed to be a cheapish trip) and we wasn’t really bothered about the additional things such as the character meal.
There were 3/4 showings per day for the show, and we decided to head to the first one which was at midday. We started heading over towards the theatre at about 10.30am and saw that a queue was already forming, so we joined it at about 10.45am and were happy to wait that long.
Lemme tell you, the show was completely worth the wait! It was amazing. Honestly it was just like a shorter version of the West End show! I loved every second.

Shopping, Jungle Book Jive & under the Castle

We used today to do some shopping for bigger/heavier things we’d seen and wanted… there were a few breakable bits we wanted from the Christmas shop (obviously, we are obsessed with Disney Christmas decorations) and a Star Wars print that was too big to carry around all day. Once we’d got the bits, we then headed back to our room to drop them off. Thats one of the best things about staying onsite, its so easy to just run back to your hotel throughout the day, love it!
Another thing you definitely shouldn’t miss if you visit DLP is the Dragon under the Castle. I’m pretty sure this is something that only Disneyland Paris has, so its pretty cool! Make sure you stick around for a while to see him get angry!
We watched Jungle Book Jive again, from a much better spot today! We grabbed a snack and sat in the Central Plaza area about 45-60 minutes before it was due to start. I know all this hanging around waiting for things isn’t ideal for everyone, but in the sunshine with a snack really isn’t too bad. Plus we made some friends to chat to which made the time fly! Sharing Disney tips and experiences with other people is always so much fun. I love hearing about other peoples trip plans etc so it’s always fun to get talking to people!

More Rides & a Pretty Main Street

We really just mooched around for the rest of the day, did some more rides and just chilled. We watched the Timon Dance Party thing – which was…. interesting. We didn’t really know what was going on, but it was fairly entertaining to watch!
We ate lunch at Annette’s Diner which was good. Annette’s doesn’t accept reservations, so you can just go and queue for a table. We went at a bit of a random time so we got seated straight away.
We were gonna stay for Illuminations again, for a second attempt at watching it, but we decided not to. We were in the park until about 10.30pm, so only had 30 mins to wait until it started but we just weren’t too fussed. Plus it was starting to get really busy again and we didn’t wanna wait in a good spot for ages like we had the night before.
So instead we took a slow walk up Main Street, taking in all the pretty lighting and just head back to our room for a bit of an earlier night.

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Speak Soon
Rachel xo

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