Our Recent Trip to DLP – Last Day

Bit Late…

We had a bit of a lay in this morning, we’d been on all the rides we wanted to get on, most of them more than once, so wasn’t too fussed about being up early for the Extra Magic Time.
It was also checking out day! *sad times*… so instead of rushing out the room to get to the park, we actually browsed around the hotel this morning… bit late I know! But we just hadn’t found another time that was right to do it :/
We dropped our bags into the holding room, and because we booked with the Disney Express we didn’t have to worry about picking them back up until we were over at the train station. This is so handy, and allows you to make the most of your last day without worrying about going back to the hotel to get your bags etc. We went on down to the hotel lobby, Pluto was meeting in there today. There is normally a character meet in the Disney hotels each morning during Extra Magic Hours.
Santa Fe’s facilities were pretty much the same as Sequoia Lodge in terms of what was available to you. A gift shop, a restaurant and a bar. But Santa Fe also has a Starbucks, which we were super excited about! So after having a quick mooch around, we couldn’t look in the restaurant or bar properly as they were being used for the buffet breakfast at the time, we grabbed a Starbucks to begin our day.
There’s nothing like starting the day with a frozen tea (or hot chocolate apparently in Craig’s case, even in the heat!) and a cookie. And if you’re a Craig yourself, or know a Craig, I’m sure you’ve heard how nobody ever gets there name right… On this particular day, Craig was Greg – his personal favourite. So funny. If you wanna see his happy reaction, head over to my vlog which I’ll link at the bottom of the post!

Our Third Wedding Anniversary

Yeah, so this trip was kinda planned and worked around our Wedding Anniversary. We didn’t really mind that we ended up travelling home on the day, and didn’t really have anything planned for the parks especially for it. We just wanted to get away for a couple days and enjoy the down time we have together.

We made our way to the Walt Disney Studios Park to start our day off, and of course we got to ride our two faves – Rock n Roller and Tower of Terror. So much fun as always on Tower of Terror, however on Rock n Roller we were a bit disappointed with the lack of communication. Nobody said anything to us in the queue or before we got on the ride, but whilst we were on it we found out that the camera’s weren’t working and nor was the music.
Turns our this ride is super weird without the music, and majority of the ride you could just hear people shouting “where’s the music” ha! Was a bit annoyed nobody told us before we got in the queue or before we rode, luckily we only queued about 15 minutes. Was gutted about the pic too because we were doing out best poses lol.

Anyway, after this we saw that a certain someone was out doing meet and greets…. SULLY! And the queue wasn’t ridiculous! So we jumped in the queue and I was able to tick this character meet off my bucket list. He was so huge and fluffy. Loved it.

Back to our Fave

Before heading back over to the Disneyland Park for our last few hours, we had a little look around the Disneyland Hotel because obviously Craig hasn’t ever been in there. We just walked around the lobby and up to the gift shop and bar/restaurant area. It’s so pretty. But I don’t know how I feel about staying there… apart from it being soooo easy to get into the park, its a bit too fancy for me!

Anyway, onwards and upwards into the Disneyland Park. We literally had nothing specific that we wanted to do today, it was a complete chill and browse around before we were due to go home.

I used this as a great time to try the rest of the Lion King Snacks I hadn’t tried yet – which I actually wrote about in my last post. The Banana Bread, Chocolate Macaroon and I had another Coconut Cake Paw. Delicious. And I was surprised to find that I liked them all… its safe to say I felt a bit sick after eating them all! I didn’t quite finish the Banana Bread… like that makes it any better ha!

We finished our time in the park in the best way possible for us this trip… I’m sure you can take a guess… Yep.. Yep.. With a watch of The Jungle Book Jive! It was our favourite thing of the trip and I couldn’t think of a better way to round it off. We sat in our fave spot in Central Plaza and just enjoyed the show. We followed the end of it down Main Street and said our Goodbyes to the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Finishing off the right way…

Before we had to head over to the train station, we went into Disney Village for some food at Vapianos and a quick stop in World of Disney for any last minute goodies!
If you haven’t been to Vapianos before, you should definitely head there. It’s in the village but its outside the security checks. Unfortunately you cant use it on the dining plan but it’s definitely a good shout for lunch or dinner. The food is really good and very reasonably priced. It’s Italian food made fresh when you order. It’s pretty cool being able to watch them make the pasta dishes in front of you – the smell is amazing.

Cya later DLP

Off to the station we go, sulking as always. On the way back, it can be a bit mental at the station. Once you’ve picked up your suitcases if you have Disney Express (which is always easy), the queue to then go through security is mental. But it is what it is, so you just move through as and when its your turn. However, this time we got a little lucky and they brought forward anyone who didn’t have a buggy with them to go straight through in front of everyone else – I’ve no idea why, and they’ve never done that when we’ve been before – but it worked for us!
Heads up – if you want any snacks for the trip, get them before you go through as there’s nothing once you’re through security. You literally get straight on the train!
We had a straight train back to Ebbsfleet, with absolutely no issues. As I said before, I’d definitely be using Ebbsfleet over London St Pancras for all my trips now as it was just so much easier! We were off the train and back to our car within 14 minutes, baring in mind the car park is about a 7 minute walk from the station. I’m gonna say it again, but its just so much easier!!

That concludes our trip. I’m sad about it. But I have some more trips to look forward to this year and I’m super excited about those. So keep an eye out for more posts, and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for lots of upcoming videos.

Thanks for following along and reading about our trip! Hope you enjoyed it, or got something out of it for your own!

Speak soon!
Rachel Xo

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