If I had 1 day in Disneyland Paris…

A lot of people always ask if it’s possible to do Disneyland Paris in 1 day. Let’s be honest, no, obviously not. You can’t do all of the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park in one day!
However, if I was heading to Paris and my only option of visiting Disneyland Paris was for one day… then I would! I wouldn’t miss out on having a little bit of the magic!

So here’s what I would choose to do if I had one day in Disneyland Paris… (please note this is based on just me going alone, or with my husband or a group of friends all adults. Lets also imagine we spent the night before in a hotel on property so we got the Extra Magic Time).

My 1 day DLP itinerary

  • I’d start in the Disneyland Park at 8am to get those quiet and beautiful castle and Main Street Photos. I’d then be ready at Fantasyland for rope drop at 8.30am and head to the Peter Pan ride to get that done straight away.
  • I’d spend some time in and around the rest of Fantasyland before heading over to Big Thunder Mountain and riding that!
  • Then I’d head over to ride Phantom Manor, possibly grabbing some kind of quick snack for an ‘on the move’ breakfast
  • I’d then make my way over to the Walt Disney Studios Park. Depending on wait times, I’d either ride Rock n Roller and grab a fast pass for Tower of Terror (or the other way round).
  • Have some photos in Toy Story Land (because it’s just so cute) and potentially get a fast pass for the Ratatouille ride depending on the time available.
  • I may even ride Tower of Terror again if time is looking good.
  • Now we also need to take into consideration if there are any festivals going on at the time. If there is, I’d probably like to catch the special parade (Disneyland Park) or show (Walt Disney Studios Park). These are normally on a few times a day so you should be able to catch one.
  • At this point I’m probably starving so I’d make my way back over to the Disneyland Park for some lunch at Hakuna Matata. Specifically the chicken strips and corn fries meal with a Magnum. Yum. (My fave DLP quick service food). If this is near a time when a festival parade is on, it’s always a good idea to get your food as a takeaway and head to the spot you wanna watch the show from. That kills 2 birds with 1 stone!
  • It’s time for some more rides, Hyperspace Mountain for sure, and Buzz Lightyear if we can squeeze it in.
  • Parade time, normally at 5.30pm. Maybe with some snacks from Main Street too. 
  • Now if there’s any rides you haven’t done that you wanna do, or maybe a character that’s out that you wanna meet, now could be the time.
  • Dinner, I’d maybe head for Vapiano’s in Disney Village, or just another quick service (again, depends on time & queue times, whether I’ve done all my fave rides)
  • Illuminations. I’d have to catch the projection show at the end of the night. It’s one of my fave things always.
  • Once that’s finished, take a slow stroll out of the park, maybe even wait until the last minute so you can get some more beautiful pics of the castle and Main Street but this time with its beautiful night lights.
  • And as I leave, I’m definitely heading into World of Disney for a quick shop!

Note I haven’t ever actually gone and spent 1 day at Disneyland Paris. But now I feel like I might have to, just to see how effective my plan would be! I feel like this is a little challenge that I’m willing to accept!

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