What I brought in DLP…

So if you’re anything like me then you’re a sucker for Disney Merch! But I do try and be a little sensible, especially in Disneyland Paris, as lets be honest, the merchandise is nowhere near as good as Walt Disney World, Disneyland or Tokyo Disneyland.

So on this trip, we were trying to stick to a budget, mainly because I have some other trips booked this year but also because Craig and I are off to WDW in December which is where we struggle to control our spending!

I thought I’d share with you guys some of the things we brought, you may have zero interest but… maybe somebody is curious ha! I’m always watching haul videos, firstly because I’m nosey, but also because I like to get an idea of what I could buy on my next trip!

So here goes…

  • Obviously, ears. I have to purchase at least one new pair of ears on every trip. My husband can’t understand why I need so many, but you know, there’s different occasions or events, different outfits and different trends! So I brought myself the new Briar Rose Gold ones, and also the Mickey hands (something a little different)! (I believe they were 20-25 euros each)
  • Pins! I only started collecting pins this year, on my last trip in February. And lemme tell you, its addictive as hell! I brought way too many back in February, so now I have to limit myself. I only brought 3 on this trip. Russell from Up, because he’s just too cute; Yoda from Star Wars because he’s my fave; and the one for The Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands show. Seeing as we were there for The Lion King and Jungle Festival, I thought this was a nice souvenir. (I’m really not sure how much my pins were, but I think they were around 7-10 euros each)
  • The Lion King and Jungle Festival t-shirt. I was so glad I found this one in World of Disney in the Village, it so cute and colourful. The Lion King and The Jungle Book are two of my favourite of all time Disney movies. (23 euros)
  • The Lion King Souvenir Popcorn Bucket! I was so happy to get my hands on this, especially because I only found out the day before our trip they had them at Disneyland Paris (as well as WDW). Can’t wait to use it again when friends are over! (12 euros with popcorn)
  • Star Wars Artwork. What a buy! Absolutely loved this item. We never really buy artwork, but we have started taking an interest recently. There were a couple of Star Wars pieces we liked but this one was my fave. (25 euros)
  • We found the Christmas shop! Christmas is Craig’s weakness. We knew this is where he was gonna be out of control! But we only came away with 4 things – go us!! A beautiful tree shaped serving plate (20 euros), a candle holder (11 euros), this amazing tree decoration (13 euros) and a Chip n Dale ornament (35 euros). Absolutely love Disney Christmas decorations.
  • Lastly, lets not forget the cool reusable bags Disney have released recently. I’ve seen that there are ones for each park in WDW, but I believe there was only one general one for Disneyland Paris (so separate one for the Walt Disney Studios Park). Well we of course got this small one, and also a medium sized one.

That is all we brought this time round. I hope you’ve seen something you’d like!

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